Fear, uncertainty, doubt (FUD)

The value of the underlying digital assets is based on global supply and demand, even as we seek to find clearer regulations and build monitoring and trading platforms that meet current regulatory frameworks.
Of course, prices can vary widely and are usually called phone or email.
Here you need to acquire new understanding and skills. Even geographically distant news, or even social media messages from influencers and investors, can cause prices to skyrocket or plummet. The asset class is not long enough to know how long-term demand responds to specific news. Therefore, we highly recommend the possibility of news and price impacts.
This news and the required price response may be referred to as FUD: fear, uncertainty, suspicion. It becomes even more apparent when we use social media 24/7 to stabilize and weigh the stories and their impact on cryptocurrency prices.
If a customer asks why Bitcoin’s price has dropped by 15% over the weekend, you need to provide some points.
First, let’s return to the original discussion of asset class volatility and how we have a particular time period in mind. Then you can deal with the problem. I need some ideas as to why prices have moved that way.
Finally, based on the first two parts of the conversation, you and your client decide whether to reposition the cipher.

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