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There are also new ways for advisors to access cryptocurrencies on the market. In particular, the recent launch by ProFunds, a Bitcoin mutual fund that invests in futures contracts rather than the tokens themselves. These innovations will enable more Western institutions to maintain cryptocurrencies through familiar and comfortable channels.
US cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin ETFs are still awaiting the US Securities and Exchange Commission, but institutional investors can also access the space through listed trading products in Canada and Europe.
Even Capital Group, a solid conservative in wealth management, will become a cryptocurrency by occupying a superior position in MicroStrategy, a company that is now widely regarded as an analog of Bitcoin itself, Sirson said. Says. Earlier this year, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced plans to invest his company’s cash reserves in Bitcoin. MicroStrategy has over $ 3 billion in Bitcoin today.
As companies such as Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and BlackRock have announced or expanded their commitment to digital assets in recent months, this growing interest in institutional investors has led to institutional investors. There is a high possibility that a huge amount of money will go around. Step into the crypto space for the next few months. Each of these new entrants designs products and exchanges that bring new investors, and ultimately a larger community of financial advisors and their clients, to cryptocurrencies.
“There isn’t a big adoption yet for everyone betting on cryptocurrencies,” said Lisa Burns, director of platform technology at Fidelity Institutional. “But we are getting more and more interested, which is why we are investing so much in it as a company.”

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